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Recent MNF Recipients


Nolan was born with and developed many medical conditions in his four short years of life. His list of medical continuation includes hard of hearing, splenic infarction, oral aversion, micro deletion on his 5th chromosome, malrotation of the bowles, craniosynostosis, global developmental delays, hypotonia, reflux, ADHD, two small soft spots in the brain, and sleep apnea. After a traumatic, splenic infarction his oral aversion worsened to a point that he needed a nasal gastric tube and later had surgery for gastrostomy tube placement.

The Medical Needs Foundation was able to help cover the out of pocket costs for gastrostomy tube, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgery, and his third set of ear tubes. Most importantly MNF made it possible for him to be able to attend a comprehensive and intensive feeding program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Eating for many people is similar to breathing. It’s natural and doesn’t require much effort. However, for Nolan eating was not enjoyable due to medical problems. Eating is skill that he needed to learn. This clinic and MNF provided him with an opportunity to learn to maintain his own nutrition which is a skill that will last him a lifetime.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 10 years ago in my senior year of high school. After being accepted into the architecture program at Hampton University in Virginia, I was only able to attend up to my sophomore year as the MS had aggressively progressed causing me to withdraw indefinitely. I thought I would never get an opportunity to return to school. Now that the MS has stabilized, I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in Social Work since I love to help people, but my medical challenges made it difficult to do without some assistance.

I thank the Medical Needs Foundation for stepping in when other agencies didn’t and for providing the financial support that enabled me to obtain the necessary assistance to return to school. Now, I attend Community College of Morris where I am pursuing an Associates Degree and after that a BA in Social Work so I can help build people instead of buildings. Thank you, Medical Needs Foundation, for helping me meet my needs so that one day I can help others meet their needs.



I am a divorced mother of two young girls, successfully employed outside my home, and routinely presented with enough daily challenges and stresses to keep my life extremely busy. To have received news last year that I’d be facing a personal breast cancer battle, as well, compounded my already-existing responsibilities. It was nothing short of difficult to learn I had cancer, and I saw my life being threatened by some looming unknowns. Though the prognosis was favorable, the emotional, physical and financial burdens innate to such a diagnosis were overwhelming.

This health-altering circumstance took on a life of its own. The subsequent months unleashed endless interactions with case workers, medical specialists and doctors. Days were filled with form-filling, phone conversations and appointment-making. And then the checkups, follow-ups, procedures, chemo, surgery, radiation, waiting for test results – all contributing to another full-time job, in and of itself. Needless to say, my proverbial plate, during this time, was overflowing.

And of course, as we all know, the bills wait for no one. So I am most grateful to have been a recipient of the Medical Needs Foundation. Your kindness and generosity of financial support have been thoroughly appreciated. Knowing you were sharing this additional need gave me a welcomed peace that I might not have had otherwise. How do I adequately thank each and every one of you who helped shoulder this burden? There aren’t sufficient words.

However, it is with great delight I tell you that, today, I am cancer-free! I am grateful to all the medical personnel who contributed to my renewed health; it is obvious that you, too, are individuals of thoughtfulness and genuine care to go to the lengths you do to help women like myself. Life was good before – it is that much richer still. And I thank you deeply for how you’ve contributed to my journey.

With gratitude and good health,


I just wanted to drop you and the foundation a note to let you know how very thankful the kids and I are to have been able to repair our deck and ramp. Given the weather we’ve been having, I feel blessed to know we are “standing on solid ground” each time we head out the back door. Thank you so much for helping us.

Love and Blessings ~ SA

“The service that you provide is lifesaving.” -JJ


It is hard to believe that it has been two years since my heart transplant. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for everything that you have done for me and give you an update on my progress. It has been 2 yrs. and 6 months and I am doing very well. I have not shown any signs of rejection and I am enjoying good health. I work part time in the bakery at Weis Market in Flanders, New Jersey, about 20 hours a week. I am a member of Mended Hearts at Morristown Medical Center where I volunteer twice a week or more. I visit patients that have had open heart surgery. I spend a lot of time with LVAD patients that are bridged for transplant.

I am also a volunteer with NJ Sharing Network for organ donation. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give back. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed walking the 5K two years in a row – the first one 7 months after my transplant. I am looking forward to walking again this year.

The most important thing that you made possible is that early in December of this year I was here for the birth of my 2nd great grandchild, a boy. Without the MNF I would never have known him.

The doctors and medical staff worked a miracle and were able to save my life. I am thankful for everything that they have done for me. There is not a doubt in my mind that none of the wonderful things that have happened to me in the last two years would have been made possible without the MNF. Without your help I would never have received my life saving transplant.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to each and every one of your members. The service that you provide is lifesaving. May God bless each and everyone at MNF.

Very Grateful,


It’s been about a year since my stair-lift was installed. Now I can go up and down my steps without worry of falling. I am able to do my laundry, get outside and putter in my garden, or make trips to my doctor – all of which were very difficult before getting my stair-lift.

The Medical Needs Foundation helped me acquire the chair-lift and checked with me afterwards to see how it was going with this much needed device. No words can express my gratitude for the Foundation and all they have done for me.


I don’t know how many times my son had to spend the night in the living room because I was unable to carry him up the stairs. Thank goodness the MNF, once again, was able to get us a stair lift and new handicap toilet. Now, my son can transfer himself when he needs to get upstairs to the bathroom and bedroom. It gives him the simplest of independence. It is wonderful. Thank you!